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7 thoughts on “VIETNAM – THE AMERICANS

  1. Jim, you have captured both what we saw and did in 1966 with these photographs. The shots of “the country” show how Vietman was 45 years ago, actually a beautiful place. It is fun to see myself among your pictures when we were soldiers once, and young.

  2. I just finished reading the book. Brings back lots of memories. I was the 2nd plt ldr & some-time XO in Jan-early June, 66. I used my maps to follow several chapters of the book, since I still have them. A Haunting Beauty is an excellent, accurate account of what happened so many, many years ago. Lt. Miller

  3. Bill, it’s great to hear from you. I assume you saw your picture in the gallery above. Yes, many years have gone by, but in many ways we are still there and still the same. I’m very happy that you said the book is accurate. I still have some of my maps but they only offer a stepping off point for memories. There were, of course, many gaps that I had to try to fill in with recollections, some vivid, some hazy. The photographs above helped to bring back the people we knew, but many names are gone, along with personal stories, so I had to change all the names and alter the identities. Some you may not recognize, whereas a few, like Al Jordan, Sgt. O’Bannon and Sgt. Robertson may really jump out. Most of the characters are from my platoons, and I wish I could remember them all. But if the book could bring back those memories, then it is more than successful. -Jim

  4. I just finished reading your book! My Grandfather served in Vietnam, but with the Navy. Lately, I have been very intrigued with learning the depths and reality of the war. This book gave me such an accurate description and understanding of the war. Thank you for your stories, Anna (23 from Georgia)

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